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Never worry about missing a bill again
We track your bills for you and send you reminders about due dates.
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See your income, account balances, and monthly expenses at a glance.
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No more logging into multiple websites to check due dates or pay your bills.
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Bill pay that’s refreshingly flexible
Pay your bills how you want to pay them—with credit, debit, prepaid, or a bank account. You choose what works best for you.
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Prism automatically pulls in due dates and balances for over 11,000 billers across the country.
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“Best app for paying bills”
I love, love this and don’t know [how] I managed my bills before it. I don't think I’ve been late on my bills since using this app and I’ve managed my accounts to with great results. Very secure and reliable. Thank you!
iOS review on March 13th, 2018
I absolutely love this app. I don’t think I’ve ever been in an easier financial place because of it. I can pay all my bills in about 5 minutes, and keep up with all previous payments, balances, etc. It really is quite amazing.
Android review on March 2nd, 2018
“No more late fees”
I’ve saved so much money on late fees since I downloaded this app! I’ve been able to manage my money better and I’m no longer stressing or forgetting about bills. Thanks!
iOS review on January 15th, 2018
“Payments are made from directly within the app, and they’re almost instant; say goodbye to the days of submitting a payment and still getting slapped with a late fee because it takes 1-2 days to ‘process.’”
“You get paid once or twice a month—but your bills are due sporadically. Keeping track of your recurring bills can be a huge pain; especially if some of them can’t be automated. Enter: Prism. This app automatically organizes all of your bills in one place, giving you a quick view of your account balances and due dates.”
“The beauty of Prism is that it links all of your billing accounts, paychecks and available funds so that you can easily visualize the movement of your finances.”
“Prism takes the pain out of bill paying”
“Few personal-finance tools for mobile platforms aggregate data as well as Mobilligy's Prism Bills and Money. Not only is the tool extremely intuitive and mobile-optimized in app form, it covers all the bases for budgeting and planning.”
We take your data and privacy seriously
The security of your sensitive information is the foundation of our app. Our commitment to security has allowed us to process over $1 billion in bills during the last six years.
We never sell your sensitive information
We use 256-bit AES encryption
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